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Last Sunday, two years of planning, blogging, dreaming and scheming came together around a dinner table in the backyard of a home in downtown Fresno for our first OFFICIAL dinner party for Dinner w/ Friends. We'd call it a culmination of years of hard work, but that would imply an end. And this is very much only the beginning. 

From the start, our goal for this magazine has been to tell the stories of people in the Central Valley by bringing them together around the dinner table and sharing their conversations. And we got to do just that on Sunday.

We decided on "Dreamers Who Dine" for the theme for a couple of reasons. One, because we consider ourselves dreamers, with this dinner party being a step toward achieving our ultimate dream of running a successful, boutique magazine in the Central Valley. Two, because of the obvious play on the name of our hosts' podcast, Dreamers that Do. Three, because Micah and Miciah, the husband-and-wife team behind the podcast, are champions of anyone looking to trade the 9-to-5 path for a less certain one driven by passion and creativity, we knew the guest list would be stacked with other dreamers. So, it was an obvious choice. 

We'll fast forward from theme generation to the actual event to spare you all the boring planning details. And because we're just so excited to say that it was an amazing success! It was a laid-back, backyard affair that really allowed community, connection, and genuine conversation to rise to the top. Former acquaintances reconnected, bonds were strengthened, and new friendships were forged. Plus, there was awesome food and drink from local favorites Quesadilla Gorilla, CHARburger, Frosted Cakery, and Tioga-Sequoia. These dream doers were our dream diners. 

We are so excited to share it all with you in November! 

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Kendra Gilbert