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In this weekly blog offering, DWF's founder, Kendra, speaks from the heart about her decision to leave Fresno in the midst of creating a magazine based on her love for the city and surrounding Central Valley. (Yes, it's confusing to her, too.) But above all, she's committed to continuing the magazine's mission. And instead of dwelling, as it is best not to do, she's celebrating the ways her new city reflects her hometown, and how Fresno is never really that far away.

A TRAGEDY THAT TOUCHES ALL COMMUNITIES / Horrific tragedy. It's an insufficient description of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, but it's all we've got at this point. It's hard to sum up an event like that in two, 10 or 100 words. Fifty-eight people lost their lives, and hundreds more were injured. Those lives deserve to have novels written about them. But for now the best we can do is to sweep the events of that night into the collective 'horrific tragedy' bin until we can better make sense of what happened. If it's even possible to take the senseless and turn it into sense.

What is clear to us is that many communities have been touched by the shooting. Festivals are melting pots that draw strangers from all over and bond them together through music. So it's no wonder that we're hearing of victims from Bakersfield to British Columbia. We've heard several stories of people from the Seattle area who were injured or killed. And have been following closely the overwhelming number of stories emerging from Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, and cities all over our beautiful Golden State. Cities across North America are starting to tell their stories -- of a survivor, a witness, a hero. Thousands upon thousands now connected by horrific tragedy.

Going forward in love.



Kendra Gilbert