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Planning and successfully executing our first dinner party -- a casual little backyard affair -- in late October, was a huge victory for us. To be able to watch a vision come to life through our own hard work and creativity, was such a special thing. Few things feel better than busting your butt and accomplishing something great. And when the hard work was done and we could kick up our heels for a moment, the positive feedback, social media posts and gorgeous photos began to reach us and we wanted to jump off the couch and do it all over again. But the thing about that night that made us most happy was the laughter. How people interacted that night was the one thing we couldn't control. There was no guarantee the conversation would be good or that people would have any profound discussions that we could write about. But they did! And, on top of that, that had fun. They laughed...a lot. That was the real success: uniting people. And now you can hear that sweet, sweet laughter for yourself...as if you were at the table!

That's the great thing about having asked two podcasters to host our first dinner. Micah and Miciah of the Dreamers that Do podcast not only picked a compatible group of dreamers with whom to share the dinner party, but they were so involved in the planning process and really made it their own -- including recording the whole thing! The first episode in their two-part series on the conversation from that night came out on Tuesday. They did a beautiful job introducing each guest and then diving into the discussion. We dare you not to be inspired, or at least crack a smile, while listening to these nine people get to know each other better and talk about pursuing their passions. Click on the link below to check it out. And don't forget to read our feature on the dinner party up on our website now. Enjoy!

LISTEN HERE: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dreamers-that-do-the-art-of-building-dreams/id1150929399?mt=2

READ HERE: http://www.dwfmagazine.com/dinnerparties/


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Kendra Gilbert