Dinner with Friends
A design-focused, quarterly lifestyle magazine celebrating California's Central Valley, one dinner party at a time.




Our latest feature, "Chinatown Girl," was meant to be a celebration of many things: Fresno, fashion, and photography principal among them. Dining, storytelling and collaboration also were highlighted. Wanting to keep Fresno the focus of what we're doing here at Dinner with Friends had us getting creative on this feature. Our dear friend, Veronica -- one half of the ridiculously cool L.A. styling duo toren|graye -- had gifted us a beautiful fashion editorial done a few months back when she learned of the idea for the magazine. But how to make it local? How to make something created in Los Angeles by non-locals into something that celebrated the Central Valley?

The story toren|graye's editorial tells is the interior life of a girl. A girl who is a bit aloof; a loner. But who has a sweet tooth for designer accessories that she devours by the plateful. What isn't told, is what's going on outside of her bubble. Where is this fashion-feast-for-one taking place? That was ours to fill in. And fill in we did with haunting black-and-white photos of Chinatown that turned an L.A. fashion shoot into a Fresno noir. And subsequently checking off all of our goals in the process: feature Fresno, show great fashion, exhibit fantastic photography, incorporate dining/dinner into the story, collaborate with talented people and tell an interesting story. And we hope you liked it. 

It also made perfect sense to us to have the feature's debut coincide with the celebration of the Year of the Rooster in Fresno's Chinatown. Although we couldn't be there, we're happy to showcase photos taken by My Time by Tony Photography, and continue the collaborative process that will see us through this beautiful new direction we're taking. 

Kendra Gilbert