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There will be no "Fresno to Seattle" post this week. Instead, we're trading personal reflection for pretty pictures because we've got a sweet new feature in the works for the website. So, the naval-gazing will have to wait. Right now our mind is preoccupied with thoughts of strawberries, t-shirts and California sunshine. 

On a recent trip home, we somehow managed to squeeze all three into a photo shoot for our latest feature on Ren Bird, a carefree t-shirt line by local designer Ren Leach, which launches TODAY! You should definitely check it out right away. The concept for our shoot showcasing Ren's tees evolved from the positive vibes of her designs to include various local farm stands and produce. The sunshine was just there, because, well, it's California. And even though we only had a short amount of time to shoot -- in between family visits and a baby shower -- our rag-tag team of three had no problem keeping it on the sunny side as we bounced from location to location, outfit to outfit, from corn to strawberries to nectarines. 

Our feature will be up next week. We hope you'll check it out. 

Kendra Gilbert