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In a new weekly blog, DWF's founder Kendra speaks from the heart about her decision to leave Fresno in the midst of creating a magazine based on her love for the city and surrounding Central Valley. (Yes, it's confusing to her, too.) But above all, she's committed to continuing the magazine's mission. And instead of dwelling, as it is best not to do, she's celebrating the ways her new city reflects her hometown, and how Fresno is never really that far away.

COMING HOME: ABSENCE MAKES THE STOMACH GROWL / Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In my case, it makes the stomach growl. As I prepare for my first trip home since moving to Seattle in January, I can't help but think of all the things I'm excited to experience once again. And by things I mean food. And by experience I mean eat. Of course, there are a few non-edible things I'm looking forward to, but if I'm being honest, things to eat and drink have me pretty preoccupied.

And since time is short and we all love a good list, here's what I'm looking forward to most on my trip home to Fresno. I hope I get to cross them all off!

1. A tri-tip sandwich from Dog House Grill. No one does tri-tip like Dog House. And I don't think anyone does tri-tip in Seattle, period. 

2. Sweet corn from Fresno State! I hope there's some left when I arrive. 

3. A meatball sandwich and salad from Luna's Pizzeria in Old Town Clovis. 

4. Walking around the Old Town farmer's market while eating my meatball sandwich.

5. A flight of ice cream from Ampersand. 

6. Backyard barbecuing. 

7. Swimming pools! 

8. Coffee and chitchat at Kuppa Joy.

9. Lying on the grass in the front yard of my parents' house and just enjoying a warm summer night.

10. Fountain drinks from Johnny Quik. I don't know what it is, but they are the best! 

11. Obviously, seeing all my wonderful friends, family and animals that are waiting for me.

12. Oh, and all the lovely plants I left behind in my mom's very capable hands. 

13. A trip to Salsa's Cantina in Clovis for fajitas and their pancake-thick tortillas would satisfy my Mexican food craving for at least another couple of months.

14. A sneak peak at the new Fulton Street downtown.

15. And visiting Root while I'm down there to see all their new goodies.

16. Popping into Bitwise to see whatever fun thing is happening there.

17. And then running over to Yoshi Now! and buying everything...if only checking a bag was still free.

18. And, then maybe stopping by Deli Delicious for my second favorite tri-tip sandwich. 

Kendra Gilbert