Dinner with Friends
A design-focused, quarterly lifestyle magazine celebrating California's Central Valley, one dinner party at a time.




As last call rolls around on our summer "Drinks with Friends" series -- the final review publishes tomorrow -- we can't help but think about what's next. Even though we do also wish summer could last just a little bit longer, because it was such a huge period of growth for our magazine. And, because it's summer! 

But we're trying to keep our focus on the future, as hard (and sometimes scary) as that may be. Right now we are planning our end-of-year dinner party -- the kind we had in mind when we started this project. Micah and Miciah from Of Noble will be the hosts for the event and it'll be all about dreamers in the Central Valley who are working every day on their individual creative journeys. We can already imagine the amazing conversations this group will have. We'll be keeping you in the loop as we plan, so be sure to keep up with us on all our social media channels, you know the ones, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

And then there's 2018 to think about. Not daunting at all. No. Next year is the year we hope to put out more curated, cohesive "issues" on the website, and take big strides towards making a print version of the magazine a reality. #Goals. The first thing you can expect to see from Dinner with Friends in the new year is a recap of 2017 -- in print! 

That's where we're at, y'all. We hope you've enjoyed all the content we put out this summer and will stick with us through the fall and on into the years ahead. We've loved having you all along on this crazy journey and are so grateful for your support. Cheers! 

Kendra Gilbert