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Our recent feature on Renbird was a breeze to put together. Which was surprising considering it was our first attempt to remotely organize a photo shoot in Fresno from up here in Seattle. Maybe it was the easy, breezy attitude of the t-shirt line's designer, Ren Leach, that carried over into what we were doing. Maybe the stars aligned. Whatever blend of timing, preparation and good vibes mixed to help our project succeed, we are so, so grateful. 

When we learned that Ren was designing a line of California-inspired tees, we instantly reached out about collaborating. Since her website was launching in June, we began brainstorming ideas for the feature, and what we kept coming back to was all the great produce ripe for the picking in the Central Valley during the summer. So we picked out some of our favorite fruit stands and had our model -- a mutual friend of Ren and DWF's founder, who happened to be super chill with the idea of hanging out behind the Gibson Farm Market and pretending to ride a rusty scooter found nearby -- show off Ren's designs within the context of a girl doing her shopping for the week. It was great to highlight not only Ren's tees, but also some of the locally-grown food we're lucky to have in abundance in the Valley, and the farmers who work hard to grow it. 

So, if you haven't checked it out yet, you can see the full feature here!

And, as always, there were more photos we loved than could be included in the feature. Here are some of our favorite runners-up.


Kendra Gilbert