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We've always considered ourselves to be very organized. Happy planners, expert list makers, and so on. But sitting down to block out an entire year of content has put our skills to the test. It's not so much the physical demands of the task that have proved challenging (we're stocked up on pens, paper, our devices are charged, and coffee is always nearby), but the mental discipline. We have so many ideas and want to do them all. NOW! It's the process of refining and eliminating the infinite options that keeps us staring out the window daydreaming.

If we're being honest, we've set some really big goals for ourselves this year and it's scary. But as distracted as we can get when presented with the large window of a coffee shop at mid-day -- sun high, endless currents of people crisscrossing back and forth -- it is also our dreams that pull us back and make us put pen to paper. Fingers to keys. Ear to phone. Because as lovely as all of our ideas are floating around in our heads, we know from experience they are a whole lot better once given life in the real world.

And we're learning that check-ins like this are super important as well. Recognizing that our minds can wander, and putting down into words the struggle to focus, gives us a chance to regroup and get back on task. As we all know, New Years resolution can quickly get off track. But 2018 is only a few weeks old. The year is no less full of possibility than it was at 12:01 a.m. on January 1.

OK, back to work. 

Kendra Gilbert