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It's late afternoon on Valentine's Day and I'm sitting alone in a coffee shop NOT crying, but blogging and working on Dinner w/ Friends instead. This is one-hundred percent the most appropriate way for me to be spending a day dedicated to love because, don't laugh, I love this magazine. This magazine is my Valentine.

I think the beautiful thing about love is that it is a choice. We do a lot of things out of obligation or duty: go to work, hold the door open for the person behind us, pay those bills that never stop coming in the mail month after month. But not love. The people and things we give love to, we do so because we choose to. Which is why receiving love is so damn special. Receiving a final notice from PG&E made no one feel special, ever. 

And that's not to say that love is free of struggle and frustration. We're all well aware that the things we love the most are often the things that take the most work. Case in point: I just spent 20 minutes typing and deleting what I wanted to say next. This magazine has been a labor from day one. I make no money from it...yet. I pour whatever extra pennies I have into it because I believe in the concept and want it to be successful. I have a full-time job, but often spend nights and weekends the way I'm spending today: in a coffee shop blogging, brainstorming, and planning. I worry constantly that I'm not giving it the time and attention it needs to grow to its full potential. But, I labor because I love. 

I hope you are all spending today with someone you love or doing something you love. Happy Valentine's Day! 



Kendra Gilbert