Dinner with Friends
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Hey, Spring Breakers! Hope you're enjoying your time off. We're here toiling away, adulting to the max and lamenting the fact that we'll never again get the last week in March off for fun and frolicking. Kidding -- sort of. 

Since spring hit last week, we've been feeling the fever. Not the kind that keeps you in bed with a cold washcloth on your head binge watching shows on Netflix, but the kind the buzzes through your body with a potent mix of excitement and nervousness. Or, it might just be allergies. Either way, we're channeling it into our work on the magazine. Instead of, say, lying on a beach sipping candy-colored drinks and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. We're not bitter, promise. 

Since nothing is more Spring Break than making a list of goals for the months ahead, here's what we're planning:

  • An auction of artwork from our most recent "Blossoms" feature.
  • A new recurring feature similar to last summer's "Drinks w/ Friends".
  • Our second dinner party (and first of 2018) is in the works and we hope to share more about it with you soon. 

And you thought a week off was fun!


Kendra Gilbert