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Our first story of 2018 is up. Phew. We were dealing with some serious creative blocks early in the year, so it feels good to be over that hurdle and picking up speed. And we loved how it turned out, to boot. "Stop and Smell the Blossoms" was simple in its concept, but the final product was a really beautiful collection of perspectives on a single subject. The blossom season should not be taken for granted, and we wanted to celebrate this brief time of year that is both economically important and otherworldly beautiful. While we highlighted mostly the beauty of the blooms in our artist collaboration, we do also recognize that the pretty pink and white flowers have a significance far beyond aesthetics. Farmers, field workers, and families across the country depend on the food those trees produce. 

So, it made perfect sense to use this feature to try something we've wanted to incorporate into the magazine since the beginning: philanthropy. It has always been our plan to take elements from the stories in our magazine and auction them off or donate them back to the community once we've moved onto the next project. For example: the plates and dishes from our first dinner party feature last fall were all donated back to Goodwill. This time, a couple of the artists featured in our blossoms piece have graciously agreed to let us auction off their pieces. The money will go to the Community Food Bank, which provides local families in need with fresh produce. We'll share more about this on social media in the coming days.

For now, check out how local farmers are ramping up their efforts to feed people in the Central Valley here: http://www.fresnobee.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article182581206.html.

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Kendra Gilbert