Dinner with Friends
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Today is the final day of our art auction to raise money for the Community Food Bank and we've received...zero bids. So, what? No one likes pretty art and bidding on things?

As disappointed as we are, we're not discouraged. Of course, seeing our first attempt at incorporating this sort of thing into our brand fail was hard to accept. We had such high hopes. But we still believe we can put together pretty editorials AND support those in our community who need a little help. Our vision for this magazine has always been about featuring local people and places, showcasing the writing, photography and art of talented locals, and keeping all production in the Central Valley. The fourth side of our little business model square was the giving back part. And we're certain it will come together eventually. 

For now, we'll regroup by setting aside our auction aspirations as we focus on our next dinner party (more on that REAL soon). But the giving back is something we can't just set aside. It was our goal to contribute something to Community Food Bank and so we'll make a donation of $25 to their organization. Auction or no auction, what they are doing is important and we hope our little contribution will help. 



Kendra Gilbert