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We first mentioned our plan to use this magazine as a way to give back in BLOG POST 22 a couple of weeks ago. Well, the time has come to put that plan into action and take our auction live today on social media. Our first feature of 2018 was a collection of artwork inspired by the blossom season. And from that collection we will be auctioning off two pieces to raise money for the Community Food Bank of the Central Valley, which aims to end hunger in our community by feeding nearly 300,000 people a month. That there are 300,000 people not getting enough food (let alone nutritious food) in our Valley month after month is heartbreaking. We hope the money raised through our auction will ensure that healthy food gets to a few more people who need it. 

The two pieces up for grabs are:

ONE / Watercolor blossoms on paper - Artist: C.B. Escribe; Size: 9"x12"


TWO / Almond blossoms embroidery - Artist: Corrine Bell, Size: 5" in diameter


To bid: Send us a direct message on any of our three social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) with your name, email, bid amount and which piece you're bidding on (WATERCOLOR or EMBROIDERY). The auction will run for one week (until midnight on April 12), and at the end the highest bid on each piece wins. We'll cover shipping costs to get your artwork to you, and payment can be submitted via PayPal once winners are announced (on April 13). 

Kendra Gilbert