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Can you believe it's already August? We can't. As we prepare for our final descent into fall (yes, there are still 47 days to go, but it'll be here before you know it) there's still much to be done before summer ends. So, before we stow our tray tables and fasten our seat belts, we have to use these final days wisely. Because, you know, summer is all about making smart, adult decisions. 

Summer's end means the conclusion of our farmers market series "Farmers Markets w/ Friends." We have just two more market reviews left to publish. We hope you've been enjoying our fresh take on some of your favorite local markets, and the gorgeous artwork that accompanies each piece. Speaking of, we couldn't stand the thought of wrapping up the series without introducing you to the artist behind the fabulous farmers market food charts. It's one of those wise summer decisions we mentioned earlier. So, without further ado, please meet Elowyn Dickerson of Art by Elowyn. 

In her own words:

I wanted to be an artist my whole life. When I was in kindergarten I dressed in a smock and beret for career day with a paintbrush in hand. I've never had a backup plan; it's always been art. When I was 14 years old, I was advised by people who saw what I was creating to start showing my work at ArtHop. I've been involved in the arts community in Fresno ever since, and love collaborating and working with creative people here in the Valley so much. 
The chart illustrations I make are inspired by vintage scientific charts as well as the style of Wes Anderson. The composition of my charts is set up categorically and they have a whimsical feeling about them.
Some goals I have for the next few years are to paint more murals, illustrate children's books, and graduate from Fresno State's graphic design BFA program. And, of course, continue making pieces like the charts that make me happy and expressing myself through art!
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Kendra Gilbert