Dinner with Friends
A design-focused, quarterly lifestyle magazine celebrating California's Central Valley, one dinner party at a time.




It’s a new year, y’all. Who else has big plans for the months ahead?

Last year, we worked with an amazing crop of talented local people. this year will be no different. One of the things that excites us most about planning content for the year, is thinking about all the new collaborations that lie ahead. We keep a running list of people we want to work with and businesses we want to feature. The start of a new year means we get to go back to that list and start daydreaming (planning) about who to work with next. And, check off those with whom we’ve already worked. If you’re die-hard list makers like us, you know how satisfying that can be.

But. no one is ever officially off the list. There is nothing quite like finding someone who understands your vision and wants to help bring it to life. Those people stay at the top of the list forever. And, although we’re still refining how one feature or issue leads into the next, we like the idea of there


being a common thread stringing it all together. For instance, last summer Cynthia Guzman-Beahm of C.B. Escribe did the calligraphy on the place holders for our “Farm to Table” dinner party. In December, she was in front of the camera as one of the guests at our wine tasting with Brix + Barrel. People are many things, so we think it’s important to highlight them in many ways.

Who or what do you think we should highlight in 2019?



2 - The number of dinner party features we’ll be releasing this year.

0 - The likelihood we’ll be stopping anytime soon.

1 - There’s only one Dinner w/ Friends and we’re still here celebrating the Central Valley.

9 - Well, we don’t have a good one for nine. But you can be certain that the number of new people we highlight this year will be way more than that.

Kendra Gilbert