Dinner with Friends
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Well, sort of. As we get to work on new content for this year, we’ve also been collaborating with a graphic designer friend of ours to revamp content from the past couple of years. We love each and every piece we’ve created and published. But, as a small, still-growing creative venture, we don’t have a ton of resources (read: money) at our disposal. A graphic designer is just one of many things we don’t have the budget for (yet). But, sometimes the universe sees you, sees your struggles and your determination, and decides to help. It just so happened that our friend was looking to build her portfolio and really loved what we were doing. After a brainstorming session, the wheels are in motion to revamp the DWF archive. We cannot wait to rollout the redesigns of some of our favorite pieces. So, stay tuned for a fresh new look to some familiar friends.

But, as for the new content, we have some great things in the works. Coming up with a year’s worth of stories is a bit intimidating. It helps that we keep a running list of ideas and people with whom we want to work. We’re so excited to be dipping into that list for 2019 and getting to work on some of our favorite ideas. But it’s the people we get to work with that excites us the most.

Look for fresh 2019 content, and revived archival content, as soon as the end of this month! Can you believe it’s already February? Yep, we’ve already reached that point where we’re asking if you can believe how fast this year is going.


Kendra Gilbert