Dinner with Friends
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For whatever reason, the beginning of the year is always a slow period for us creatively. At least publicly, anyway. Anyone else experience that? We spend a lot of time stressing about getting new content out, but not actually doing it. We worry a lot in this dark time about not keeping our social media channels alive and active, and losing followers and readers. BUT, we also spend this time coming up with ideas and fine tuning them. Planning, scheming and dreaming. It’s just that most of it is done privately. So, it feels good to finally be putting new stuff out there for everyone to see.

First off, the debut of our new interview series “SUPERlative.” We’ve always loved the idea of friends and collaborators interviewing each other because, well, we think it’s more fun for the people involved and the people reading. When you know someone, you ask more personal questions. Likewise, when you know someone, you tend to open up more. We were so lucky to have the charming Elowyn Dickerson and Catherine Heaney (see photo at left) jump right in and do our first interview to talk about their cookbook collaboration and other stuff. The second, third, fourth…interviews are already in the works, and we can’t wait to share them all with you.

We’re also well into the planning phase for our next dinner party. So far into the planning phase in fact, that we will be putting out the guest list very, very soon. This will be our fourth dinner party since 2017, and it’s shaping up to be our biggest. It’s been fun, and also challenging, to watch how things have grown over the past couple of years. And we never, NEVER, cease to be overwhelmed with gratitude when people want to be involved.

And of course, we are still working on our redesigned layouts of dinner parties past — aka Dinner w/ Friends 2.0. It’s been so nice to collaborate with a designer and see the spreads change and evolve in the hands of a professional. So, it’s safe to say that our creative drought has been quenched. Our cup runneth over with content.


Kendra Gilbert