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We are so plugged in these days. So many devices, so little time. Personally, we’re still a little shaky after last week’s #facebookdown. Nearly an entire day without Facebook and Instagram got us thinking about how we spend our precious time. As we type, our iPhone’s screen time tracker is telling us that we’ve spent 1 hour, 51 minutes (30 minutes of which were spent on social media) on our phone. And the day is only halfway through.

There’s no denying it, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s hard not to have at least a little involvement with it on a daily basis. Name a person you know who isn’t on some form of social media. We can’t. It’s especially important when you’re running a small business, like our magazine here.

But that’s just one part of it. In general, we are so attached to our devices and technology. We’re always checking something on our phone, reading a book on a tablet, watching shows on Netflix and Hulu, and yes, sometimes on an actual TV. Screens are everywhere. Who out there hasn’t felt the panic of leaving the house only to realize you left your phone behind?

So, it feels more important than ever to reconnect with activities that don’t require an internet connection. And that’s what we’ve been trying to prioritize more and more. Sometimes it just feels nice to put our hands to work on something other than a keyboard. Turning pages of actual books, preparing a meal, and, one of our favorites, weaving. Weaving is something we got into a couple of years ago, but had set aside for a while. After ordering a ton of yarn (and we do mean a ton!) and a book by the master weaver herself Maryanne Moodie (we’d direct you to her Instagram account, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of this blog), we are back at it. It has been so nice to make something using a method that has been around for centuries. We’re finding that this old school craft is the perfect antidote to modern technology addiction. While the wall hanging we’re currently making is going to a friend overseas, we’re thinking of turning this into a side hustle. What a 21st Century thing to do.


Kendra Gilbert