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Tattoos and interviews. The two things are not quite as analogous as peanut butter and jelly, but when Christine Rose Brown and Sal Lucatero are involved, they just work.

Besties Brown and Lucatero are profiled in our latest “SUPERlative” interview. With busy schedules, these two have to multi-multi-task to get things done. So when it came down to doing their interviews, they decided to do them on the same night in February that they’d planned to get tattoos together (not matching, mind you). And if they’re already getting tattooed and interviewed at the same time, why not add pictures into the equation? So we did just that. And the result is a fun, spontaneous and fierce mix of images that mirror the vibrance of two people very much alive and in love with life. And Fresno, we might add.

Although raisins are one of my favorite snacks, that is not
why I am getting this tattoo. I wanted to get something that
would remind me of where I was first introduced to
community and Fresno County. When I moved to Kingsburg (where Sun-Maid’s headquarters are located), I was taught how important it is to put collaboration over competition in
building a successful community. I wanted something that
would always remind me that no matter what I end up
doing in my life, there is always a group of individuals that
are there to support and inspire me.
— Sal Lucatero

It wasn’t initially the plan to do the photographs inside the Faithful and True tattoo studio in downtown Fresno. But looking back now, we can’t think of a better setting to capture two of the hardest working free spirits we’ve ever met.

Tattoo artist Channelle Charest was unfazed by our presence, and focused on Lucatero’s Sun-Maid tattoo, while photographer Sarah Del Pozo moved around capturing a great mix of posed and candid shots of the friends. It didn’t hurt that the shop (located at Fulton and Divisadero streets) is really cute: full of reclaimed wood features, vintage furniture, and artistic renderings and deigns everywhere. Sadly, the one thing we weren’t able to capture was Brown getting tattooed, a process that went much later into the night. Her tattoo, a large floral design on her left bicep, was her 14th!

Seriously, this might go down as one of the coolest interviews we’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Tattoos and cool pictures aside, it was so inspiring to read through the questions and answers from Brown and Lucatero. While we may never get to their level of enthusiasm about well, everything, they’ve certainly inspired us to say yes to more things. We hope that when you read their interview and see the pictures, you’ll be inspired too. Inspired by their love of Fresno, each other and of life.

Their story is filed under “People.” Go check it out! Thanks to Faithful and True, Channelle Charest and Sarah Del Pozo for making this all come together. And, of course, to Christine Rose Brown and Sal Lucatero for being the open, kind, passionate badasses that you are.

Kendra Gilbert