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In a blog post from earlier this year, we alluded to some design changes being made to our archive of dinner party features. Well, we’re happy to say that the new designs — DWF 2.0 — are up on the website now.

Our intentions for this magazine are no secret. We want it to grow, be successful, and one day get it into print and into your hands. So, we’re always thinking of ways to inch closer to those goals. Ideally, we’d love to take one big jump and reach our dreams immediately, but we’re fine with slow and steady if that’s how it has to go. One of the things that’s been particularly frustrating over the past couple of years, has been the design limitations we’ve faced because we don’t have a full-time graphic designer working on the magazine. We’re always thinking in spreads because, well, a magazine is experienced two pages at a time. But we’ve been limited to a single-page format. So, although we’re proud of each story we publish, design wise they were always coming up short of our vision.

Towards the end of last year, we got an opportunity to fix that. Timing and friendship enabled a creative partnership that has allowed us to leave the single-page lifestyle behind…at least partially. At the same time as we were getting more and more frustrated by our limitations, a graphic designer friend of ours was looking to expand her portfolio and needed some projects to work on. Since then, between the obligations of adult life (mainly, our full-time jobs), we’ve met periodically to revamp the magazine’s archive of dinner party features. And we are happy to finally be able to share those with you now! Each of them proudly sponsored by hard work, friendship and lots of coffee.

On top of finally seeing our features as come to life as we intended them, this re-design process has also allowed us to revisit the events featured in their pages. And connect once again with the people who attended. Our excitement and love for each gathering is unchanged by time. As we looked back over the photos and re-read the articles and stories of these amazing Central Valley denizens, we found new motivation to keep telling the stories of the people who make this region so special. Like See Thao, a millennial running her family’s farm and bringing it into the 21st Century using social media. Or Wade Krause, who has found his niche giving new life to vintage pinball machines. There are so many interesting stories to tell. We can’t wait for the next dinner party.

For now, we hope you like to new look of some of your favorite content. Thanks for reading!

Kendra Gilbert