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Hey! Kendra here. I’m the founder of Dinner w/ Friends, and so excited to share this week’s “Sunday Shoutout” on photographer Sarah Del Pozo. Here it goes.

My professional relationship with Sarah began about a year ago. Despite having never met, she accepted my request to shoot a wine tasting the magazine was hosting with Brix & Barrel last winter in the Pacific Southwest Building. It was Trevor Clinard, the man behind Brix & Barrel and a new friend of mine whom I’d met through his wife Holly, who suggested Sarah for the shoot. (Gotta love those Central Valley connections.) Given her friendship with Trevor and familiarity with the brand, it was a no-brainer to ask Sarah to do the shoot. I’m so glad she accepted the offer. The event was really successful and a great way to end 2018. And Sarah captured each sip and new friendship perfectly.

After seeing her gorgeous photos, I wasn’t about to let her off the hook after just one shoot. Earlier this year, Sarah was behind the camera again for arguably one of the magazine’s coolest photo shoots yet: Christine Rose Brown and Sal Lucatero’s tattoo interview session for DWF’s second “SUPERlative” feature.

But, wait. There’s more. It was once again a Clinard, this time Holly, who suggested inviting Sarah to our spring/summer dinner party highlighting incredible women pursuing their dreams while raising families. Again we did, and again she accepted. Finally, I got to meet her in person and learn firsthand how cool she is, in addition to being enormously talented. Plus, she had some killer wisdom about motherhood and a unique perspective on how that role allowed her to finally pursue her passion for photography.

“I would say motherhood came first for me because the job that I had before motherhood was not at all my passion. My creativity was squashed and I had lost sight of what really made me happy. After motherhood my creativity was reignited and then came career!”

I’m so glad Sarah said yes to that first photo shoot. She is always welcome at our dinner table, or behind a camera photographing it.

Happy Sunday! Shoutout over.

- Kendra

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