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The photos of Yvette Goltiao have been dominating the Dinner w/ Friends IG lately. And we are so, so OK with it.

We met Yvette at the first Sage & Time dinner earlier this year. Along with being an incredible photographer, she also runs social media for Sage & Time, is a super kind human and an all-around champion of the Fresno community and the people who live here. She radiates good vibes.

Working with different local photographers is one of our favorite things about putting together this magazine. Part of that comes from having some experience behind the lens and having a great appreciation for the medium. Another part of it is that there are so many amazing photographers in the Central Valley and we want to work with all of them! And another part of it is that we just like pretty pictures! Can you blame us? So it’s a lot of fun daydreaming about who will capture our dinner parties and how the events will look through their eyes (or lens).

Yvette shot the photos for two of our “SUPERlative” interviews: the first with Kayla Pendleton and Sara Baronian, the second is our most recent interview with Keryn Nicholson and Bryan Ocegueda. One of Yvette’s superpowers as a photographer is that she is just a genuinely nice person who makes people feel comfortable in front of her camera. Her positive spirit radiates through the subjects in her photos. On top of that, she goes above and beyond to capture people in interesting, yet truthful, ways. And she always sneaks some lovely detail shots into the mix, which we love. The photos from her shoot with Keryn and Bryan literally gave us goosebumps. I mean, that shot of them in front of the Thunder Tree! We are definitely thinking about framing that.

We could go on, but we’ll let you get back to savoring your Sunday. If you haven’t checked out Yvette’s work, please do it! You won’t regret it.

Shoutout over. Happy Sunday!

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